Meet Brittany, the Owner!

When Brittany first started the bakery, she did all of the baking, deliveries, and business management with the help of her family. Now, with a team of 10 employees, Brittany is able to focus more on the business side of things, but she still loves to help out in all of the bakery roles. Whether it's shaping the bread or baking cookies, doing deliveries or working at the Farmer's Market, she loves to be involved and stay close to her customers and employees!


Meet our Mixer!

Mixers are in charge of preparing all of the dough for our bakers to start shaping! They mix our starters, measure out the ingredients, and mix together all of our formulas.


Meet our Slicer!

After the bread is baked, our slicers take over to make sure it is ready for our customers! They slice all of the bread, make sure that the bread, cookies, and biscotti are bagged and packaged, then pull all of the orders for each customer and make sure everything is ready for our delivery drivers in the morning.