The 3#'er

....Why we love it

The "3#'er" is our most popular choice for Restaurants and Cafe's. This one is a wider set loaf which gives you a better sized sandwich to present to your customers. There is little waste on the ends compared to a free form loaf. We can make this in all the types of sliced bread we offer, but Sourdough and Honey Oat are still our most popular!

The XL Loaf

When Less is More...

This is actually the same weight as the 3#'er but is longer and thinner so you get more slices per loaf. This is the perfect size slice for a standard sandwich. This is generally popular with different organizations that we work with. Whether you are a school, an elderly care facility, or even a hospital, this is the go to loaf size.

**Burger buns, Focaccia sheets, Toscano Baguettes, French Baguettes, and many other types of breads are available for wholesale customers.  We can also customize products to your needs.  Please call to inquire about any of these products.